The Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute offers a Continuing Education Acupuncture Program which effectively incorporates and integrates both Anatomical and Classical Acupuncture approaches. The AFCI Program offers 250 hours of acupuncture training through courses presented in a variety of formats, with more courses coming on-stream all the time. Keep an eye on this website!

The AFCI curriculum has been carefully designed to incorporate distance learning components along with “hands on” onsite sessions to provide the best opportunity for students to build their knowledge and their clinical skills. ”Blended learning” offers a training environment that incorporates the best of web-supported independent home study, in your own home and on your own time, along with onsite interaction with experts and colleagues. We think you will find the learning process engaging and constructed for success!

To guide you through this educational experience, you will meet the AFCI Faculty, who are selected physiotherapists, medical doctors and chiropractors currently practicing experts in their clinical application of acupuncture. The Faculty are also trained in the best practices of adult education. They represent most Canadian regions, and come from the AFCI culture that is based on a 40-year history of expertise in both professional content and teaching.

Our core courses are standardized, meaning that whether you take the course in Halifax or Winnipeg or Vancouver, you will gain the same knowledge and have the same practical training experience.

Our core curriculum offers a 100 hour course of study that leads to the CAFCI designation, recognized by most professional associations and insurance providers in Canada. (See Curriculum Overview). Once this Level One certification has been achieved, the more advanced core courses and electives of AFCI are available to you, helping you develop even further in your expertise and abilities to achieve outstanding clinical successes with your patients.

Physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, TCM practitioners, baccalaureate level registered nurses, naturopathic doctors and occupational therapists are eligible to take this training program.

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